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Andrey Reva: Two task - to restrain rates and raise social standards - no clear solution

July 18, 2016, 00:18

Subject subsidies is one of those that need a permanent process of focusing. After all, once in the top-end themes of some politicians debated it sometimes arbitrary and not always at an angle objective possibility of solving the problem. Meanwhile, badly affecting the most painful point of life of citizens. This projection raging purely emotional accusations. For example, why the state can not provide citizens with work and decent pensions to people had a decent income and could pay for its own utilities.

"This is a consequence of social and economic policy, held all 25 years - explains the Minister of Social Policy Andrey Reva. - Not in the same three months we were low wages and pensions. Not in the same three months, which is the government, we do not have a sufficient number of jobs. This is all a result of populist policies when instead fight poverty, struggling with tariffs. "

Can we say that the government subsidy - it's always someone's big business? According to the minister Andrey Reva, this is not the case. After all, we have never had so many subsydiyantiv. Prior to the tariff increase, two years ago, targeted assistance from the state for housing and communal services received about 1.7 million families who used subsidy. Now it is used 5.5 million households and, as already noted, this heating season is projected to nearly 9 million recipients of subsidies. That is, in general, two thirds countrymen are unable to pay fees alone. Recall a few numbers. So in 2014, when gas prices are regulated, the state, in fact, all dotuvala 15 million. Household spending in direct support of "Naftogaz" 114 billion.
"How much money had to remain to improve social standards? - Sets a rhetorical question Andrey Reva. - Zero point zero tenths. Because tariffs are not increased, but grew and wages and pensions. Two years. So, if we will continue to deal with tariffs, not poverty, it will be even greater and hnityuchishoyu. Therefore, if we talk about changing social and economic policy, we must understand: we must do as it did in Poland and Slovakia. They released fare, he went, but he can not rise above a certain limit. But all efforts directed at combating poverty. When we offer to forget the poverty and start a fight with the rate, I want to remind once again. At today's prices on subsidies "Naftogaz" will need 200 billion hryvnias. At subsidies we send 40 billion. So, we need to find in the budget 160 billion. UAH. To enjoy that level of tariffs that will correspond to the level of our poverty. And if there were themes rates, poverty remains. Two task - to restrain rates and raise social standards - no simultaneous solution, - says Andrey Reva. - And why the Government has to take a clear political decision: either we do that to drop rates of poverty, or we let go of them and gradually raise the living standards of citizens in Europe. "

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